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Here is where I can help you:
Career & Business
If you feel that your career, or your business are not where you want them to be, I can help you to breakthrough unconscious barriers
to your success.
Studying & Exam Prep
Need help getting and staying focused? I can help you tune out distractions and retain what you have read and learned. I can also help reduce the exam stress and anxiety.
Love & Relationships
You will discover insights into current relationship issues. Together we will identify the 'blindspots' so you can have the relationship you deserve.
Do you have analysis paralysis? Sometime we can get bogged down by making choices. I can help you get unstuck when it comes to making decisions.
Are you an artist or a writer having creative blocks? I can help you smash through them. You will access the internal creativity you did not even know you had.
Language barriers
Do you have a fear of learning a new language? Are you dead afraid of speaking a new language? You are only one session away from being free of these unnecessary fears.
Here is how I can help you:
The Mindscaping method of accessing an
unconscious mind, provides rapid inner changes
and personal insights. Created by Dr. Mike Mandel
(Toronto, Canada). It provides a key to unlock
your blocks to open the doors.
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Self-hypnosis is a very powerful tool for relaxation and self healing, inducing your abilities and improving quality of your life. You can use it for sleep disorders, anxiety issues, to build confidence, boost your self esteem and much more.
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Achieving goals
It is a long term coaching that begins with helping you set the ultimate goals and continues until the goals are achieved. Using different techniques you will be able to partner your conscious and unconscious minds in an inspiring and fulfilling journey to achieving your goals.

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If you are struggling to change a repetitive behaviour pattern or break a habit, usually the reason behind it is an unconscious motivation to keep it. Hypnotherapy is a tremendous tool that allows to quickly identify the reasons and break through old patterns.
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Mindscaping is very powerful and cause deep change.

Mindscaping had its genesis in aspects of Time Line Therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, Dr. Max Pulver's graphological zones, NLP submodality shifts, The Cube system of personality typing, conversations with Derek Balmer about "Time Circles", and Jungian symbolism and archetype theory.

Applications for Mindscaping

  • Immune system support
  • Increasing motivation
  • Deactivating or reducing negative emotions
  • Building and improving resource states
  • Moving from pessimism to optimism
  • Breaking through stuck states
  • Letting go of the past
  • Problem solving and unconscious insight
  • Breaking free from depression
  • Resolving interpersonal conflict
  • Determining the "Real" issues
  • Increasing creativity
  • Creating a better future
  • Adding new skills
  • Facilitating self-awareness
  • Amplifying the effectiveness of other therapies
Self-hypnosis is a way to program yourself to achieve success and solve inner problems. It is a remarkable tool that opens doors to influencing yourself, both your mind and body.

With just a little training and practice you will be able to create powerful self-hypnotic deep trances in just 20 seconds.

With self-hypnosis these benefits will become a reality :
  • Your dreams of a career gain momentum
  • Building good relationships with people
  • Overcoming sleep disorders
  • Physical pain relief

Self-hypnosis will help you discover your talents and develop creative abilities.
It will allow you to change your character through your unconscious mind :
  • You can become a sculptor of your own personality
  • Program your new behaviour and way of thinking
  • Getting rid of the negative experiences of the past
Achieving goals
Everyone's ultimate goal is living a happy life and sometimes we do not realize that to become happy, all we need to do is
  • Start turning our dreams into goals
  • Setting specific plans
  • Continue practicing the specific plans
Sounds easy, right?

Yet a lot of people struggle at the very beginning, setting the right goals, or having set them, then actually following through towards reaching these goals.

I work with both the conscious and the unconscious mind to help you achieve goals and being happy throughout the journey.

Hypnosis is a totally natural state for the human mind to be in – absolutely everybody has been hypnotized literally thousands of times in their life without necessarily knowing it. You pass through the hypnotic state whenever you go to sleep and when you awaken again.

Building positive associations includes :
  • Connecting new behaviour patterns at the unconscious level
  • Sing relaxation techniques
  • Imagery and the power of suggestion

Hypnotherapy "reprograms" your mind and changes your perception of the world.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for :
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Building self-esteem
  • Achieving goals
  • Much much more
Push through feeling stuck until you reach the breakthrough you know you're ready for. Tremendous progress is on the other side of your fear, as long as you have the courage to go after it.
— Tony Robbins
Create positive and lasting changes for yourself
20 minutes

Together we will setting goals for the main session and I am answering your questions.

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What do you need help with?
Please share any questions or notes you think I should know of in advance. Thank you!
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Please share any questions or notes you think I should know of in advance. Thank you!
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Anastasia Verdi
Personal Development Coach & Certified Hypnotist
I studied Hypnosis with the best hypnotist, including
an amazing hypnotist Mike Mandel (University of Toronto, Canada).

Everyday I gain new knowledge to make the life of my clients
better and happier.

Having learned about The Unconscious Mind Techniques and Hypnosis, I have discovered how direct, effective
and relatively fast they are.

I believe that achieving the desired results is possible when the human consciousness and the unconscious mind are one.
It inspires me when my clients receive freedom from their fears and negative beliefs, using resources to achieve their goals.
How it works
Book a Free 20 min Session
Upon requesting the 1st free strategic session via Zoo, you will be able to schedule a time most convenient to you. After signing up, you will receive
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Strategy Session
The first 20 minute session via Zoom is a conversation where together we will be setting goals for the main session and I will answer your questions.
Once you decide to work with me, we are booking the time and the date of main session.
It is required that the main session is paid for in advance.
The Main Session
The main session takes about 90 minutes. If it is held online, you need to make sure you have a good quality internet connection and are in a calm place where you will not be distracted. The amount of sessions will depend on your request.
Evaluating Results
2 weeks after the main session (or after the last session if there were multiple sessions), we have 1 free follow-up call for the evaluation of results.

I will become your trustworthy partner on the path to the positive changes you make in your life.
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